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Tradition is:  : a way of thinking, behaving, or doing something that has been used by the people in a particular group, family, society, etc., for a long time : the stories, beliefs, etc., that have been part of the culture of a group of people for a long time This definition (from Merriam Webster […]

Why the PGM?

Why the PGM?

I write quite a bit about the PGM, clearly it is very important element of my magical and spiritual practice. Yet despite working very closely with some Graeco-Egyptian deities, I do not strongly identify with either Greek or Egyptian “religion.” So why do I place such high value on the PGM? This is a question that I have recently begun to […]

Into the Ancestral Cave


The ritual is concluded, the candles flicker while the smoke from the burnt offerings lingers as a ghostly witness to the incantations spoken into the night; the journey however, has just begun. Stillness comes forth as a dark and silent mist, slowly and surely engulfing the land and my senses. I am consumed by sensations; my heart searches […]

Elemental Quarters


Across the magical traditions of the world we find evidence of a primordial practice of mapping and anchoring the spiritual realm to the physical landscape. For most, this act of hallowing space begins by defining and honoring the four cardinal directions, the sky above, and the underworld below. Through these a physical, mental, and spiritual center is […]

Honoring the Ancestors and ...


From our earliest origins we as a species have kindled a sacred relationship with our dead. Fueled by a belief in the continued existence of the soul and the ability of the dead to influence the lives and events of the living, the cult of the ancestors arose as our most primordial and universal tradition.  Our ancestors are our strongest allies, teachers, and guides unconditionally looking […]

PGM IV. 2708-2784: Invocati...

"Hecate" by William Blake (1795)

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, surely this idiom borders on the cliche. Yet, it speaks to an undeniable truth – one that those of us experimenting with the Greek Magical Papyri should keep in mind as we leaf through this rich collection of spells. Spells with titles that rarely appeal to our current and modern lives. Seriously, how […]

New Blog


Greetings friends and readers of Reflections from the Black Stone. This is the new home of my blog, I hope you enjoy the layout and future content to come. – Leonardo

Maskelli Maskello

Maskelli Maskello

The Maskelli Maskello formula is one of the most common magical incantations of the ancient world.  We find it in love spells, coercion spells, curses and invocations, it can stand on its own as well as be mixed into other strings of voce magicae. The widespread use of the formula within the magical papyri and on other magical […]

Hekate in the PGM

Hekate in the PGM

Few deities have forged the intimate link with magicians, witches and magical practitioners that Hekate has in her various manifestations. As the bonafide patroness of magic and witchcraft and goddess of liminality, Hekate has represented and embodied the sacred mysteries and arcane arts for millennia. Hekate’s antiquity is indisputable with most scholars tracing her worship to a remote prehistory […]

PGM IV. 154-285: Lecanomanc...

PGM IV. 154-285: Lecanomancy

Inquiry of bowl divination and necromancy. Whenever you want to inquire about matters, take a bronze vessel, either a bowl or a saucer, whatever kind you wish. Pour water: rainwater if you are calling upon heavenly gods, seawater if gods of the earth, river water if Osiris or Sarapis, spring water if the dead. Holding the […]

PGM IV 154- 285: Initiation...

PGM IV 154- 285: Initiation Ritual

The magical system of PGM IV 154-285 promises “a holy power” and the ability to evoke and obtain information from any spirit or god.[1]  Such operations of “miraculous nature” require that the practitioner first complete the initiation ritual that constitutes the majority of the text.[2] It is through this rite that one obtains the necessary spiritual authority to call upon the gods and […]

PGM IV. 154-285: Invocation...

PGM IV. 154-285: Invocation of Typhon

The invocation to Typhon (lines 180-209) is the crux of the initiation rite into the magical system of PGM IV. 154-285. As we have discussed previously, this is literally the rite of passage that the candidate must complete prior to engaging in the Evocationary Bowl Scrying practices. It is through this initiation that the practitioner gains the spiritual authority necessary to call forth […]

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